Sonic Seducer 2005-06 mit exklusivem Sticker, Video-CD und CD-Beilage

Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2005-06 mit Project Pitchfork-Titelstory, exklusivem Sticker von Life Of Agony, 2 CDs; Bands: HIM, ASP, Nine Inch Nails uvm.
sonic seducer project pitchfork

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Description Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 49 CD 1
01. Project Pitchfork „The Future Is Now”
02. Necro Facility „Intense”
03. Glis „No Pulse”
04. Ptyl „Dragon”
05. Skorbut „Hypostase”
06. Eva O „Who Is Your Father – Do You Hear Me”
07. Bloody, Dead And Sexy „Friend In Mescalin”
08. Mystigma „Staub der Worte”
09. Punish Yourself „Holy Trinh Thi”
10. Sentenced „May Today Become The Day”
11. Leaves’ Eyes „Farewell Proud Men”
12. Audrey Horne „Candystore”
13. Autumn „4th Act: Ground – Scene 2: Grief”

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 49 CD 2 (Video CD)
01. HIM „And Love Said No“
02. Negative „The Moment Of Our Love“
03. Paradise Lost „Forever After“
04. In Extremo „Nur ihr allein”
05. Mechanical Moth „Torment“
06. Nine Inch Nails – Interview
07. Lacrimosa – Interview
08. Project Pitchfork – Interview

Arcana Obscura, ASP, Audioslave, Bakterielle Infektion, Bleed The Sky, Blind Passengers, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Conetik, Dir En Grey, Eva O., F.A.Q., Garden Of Delight feat. Lutherion, Gate, Gehenna, Glis, Alexander Hacke, HIM, Ikon, In Extremo, In Mitra Medusa Inri, Lacrimosa, Leaves’ Eyes, Juliette Lewis & The Licks, Life Of Agony, Limbogott, Mind.In.A.Box, Mystigma, Nine Inch Nails, Nosferatu, Painbastard, Polytune, Scarlet’s Remains, Seelenfunken, Sentenced, Shadow Project, Skorbut, Soman, Static-X, Sunterra, System Of A Down, Thanateros, Trümmerwelten
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Soundtrack unseres Lebens: The 69 Eyes
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Melotron, The Vision Bleak
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