Sonic Seducer 2005-02 mit exklusivem Sticker und 2 CDs

Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2005-02 mit Apocalyptica-Titelstory, exklusivem Sticker von 18 Visions, 2 CDs; Bands: Zeraphine, Nightwish, In Extremo uvm.
sonic seducer apocalyptica

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Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 45  CD 1
1. Limbogott „Headlock”
2. Apocalyptica „Fatal Error”
3. Umbra Et Imago „Lieber Gott (Dracul Remix)“
4. Neuroticfish „I Don’t Need The City“
5. Blind Faith And Envy „Walking In The Park“
6. Decence „There Must Be More (New_Constellation Mix)
7. Rya „Love Protection“
8. Greyhound „Hopeless“
9. Tristanie „Libre“
10. Nightfall „Dark Red Sky“
11. Rome Burns „War Of The Pygmies“
12. Lyriel „The Spring And The Flight“
13. Mindcrime „Seven Letter Generation“

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 45 CD 2
1. In Slaughter Natives „The Vulture“
2. Olen’K „Season Of Tears“
3. All My Faith Lost... „Sleep Now“
4. The Last Hour „Into Empty Depth“
5. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio „Yesterday Brings But A Serpent Of Wind“
6. Desiderii Marginis „Where I End And You Begin“
7. Atrium Carceri „Impaled Butterfly“
8. Beyond Sensory Experience „The Trade“
9. Voodoo Church „Who’s Fault“
10. Sleeping Children „Murderer’s Dance“
11. Human Disease „Nativity 33“
12. Götterdämmerung „Lesser Deity“
13. Ordeal By Fire „Hiding“
14. The Last Days Of Jesus „Death Song“
15. Frank The Baptist „Faithless Aloysius“
16. Voices Of Masada „Fallen“

Battery Cage, The Chemical Brothers, Chineseblack, Chroma Key, Dark Tranquillity, Dead Can Dance, Deine Lakaien, Diary Of Dreams, Disastrous Din, Echoing Green, Girls Under Glass, Graveworm, Greyhound, Hungry Lucy, In Slaughter Natives, The Invincible Spirit, Irfan, Killing Miranda, Kreator, Leichenwetter, Brian Lumley, Midnattsol, Monochrome, Morthem Vlade Art, Namnambulu, Neuroticfish, Ophelia’s Dream, Potentia Animi, Pressure Control, Psyche, Saltatio Mortis, Schandmaul, Staubkind, Tristania, Umbra Et Imago, Unheilig, Untoten, Voices Of Masada, Winterkälte, Zeraphine
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Soundtrack unseres Lebens: NFD
In Studio Veritas:
Corvus Corax, In Extremo, Pain, Paradise Lost, Soilwork
In Video Veritas:
The 69 Eyes
Mortiis, Samael
Die Couch:
Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish)
Cold Meat Industry, Strobelight
Fixmer/ McCarthy
Mortiis, On A Dark Winter’s Night Festival, The Prodigy, Samael, Within Temptation, Xandria

Monday the 9th.
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