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Sonic Seducer 2018-05 with 17 new tracks on CD

Sonic Seducer 05/2018 features Dimmu Borgir on the cover and contains a brimful CD with 17 new tracks from Omnia, Selofan, Florian Grey, The Crimson Ghosts and many more; im the magazine: Blutengel, Loreena McKennitt, Rabia Sorda, Drangsal, Evanescence, Jonathan Davis, Amorphis, Chvrches, Die Kammer etc.
Sonic Seducer 05/2018 mit Dimmu Borgir Titelstory und CD

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Description Also available in super-limited editions
+ 7"-vinyl single from Dimmu Borgir
Deluxe version in a box sleeve + booklet incl. hand-written lyrics and black vinyl inner sleeve. Must-have for any fan!
Three different colours - orange-transparent: 199 pcs. - blue-transparent: 199 pcs. - black: 99 pcs.
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Metallic shine in eternal darkness: Sonic Seducer features Dimmu Borgir who celebrate their 25th anniversary and release the album "Eonian" on the cover of its May issue. Also, Amorphis are back with a new album. And there are a lot of more interviews and features to be read with Blutengel, Loreena McKennitt, My Indigo (Sharon den Adel), DAFs Robert Görl, Die Kammer, Drangsal, Die Robo Sapiens, De/Vision, AD:keY, Whispers In The Shadow, Jonathan Davis, Evanescence, A Perfect Circle and many more!

AD:keY, Alight, Amorphis, Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik, Blutengel, Burden Of Grey, Chvrches, The Crimson Ghosts, The Damned, The Dark Red Seed, Jonathan Davis, Dimmu Borgir, Drangsal, Evanescence, The Exploding Boy, Follow The Cipher, Fotocrime,, Godsmack, Görl, Robert, Grey, Florian, Hand In Waves, Hekate, Hellwerk, Ihsahn, Die Kammer, Bruce Lamont, Lebanon Hanover, Lederman De Meyer, Loreena McKennitt, Metalwings, Midas Fall, Monstergod, My Indigo, Necrotekk, Nox Interna, Paddy And The Rats, A Perfect Circle, A Place To Bury Strangers, Rabia Sorda, Die Robo Sapiens, Sangre de Muerdago, Schwarzblut, Seadrake, Selofan, St. Micheal Font, Taina, TesseracT, Unity One, Whispers In The Shadow, Wisborg, X-O Planet 5 Records: Bannkreis, Hatebox: Auger, Couch: OUL, Stage: Evanescence, Stage: IAMX, Stage: E-tropolis, Stage: Megaherz

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 199 CD

01 Dimmu Borgir - Council Of Wolves And Snakes
02 Omnia - Niiv's Cauldron
03 Wisborg - Becoming Caligari
04 Selofan - Give Me A Reason
05 Metalwings - For All Beyond
06 Midas Fall - Evaporate
07 Florian Grey feat. Matteo VDiva Fabbiani - Relief
08 X-O-Planet - Voyagers
09 Unity One - Leave Me Confined
10 Monstergod - The Living Torch
11 Necrotekk - Dog With Two Bones
12 Aiboforcen - Life In The Valley Of Death
13 The Crimson Ghosts - Don´t Follow
14 Taina - Schrei nicht
15 Hellwerk - WTF
16 Hand In Waves - Echoes From Another Tract
17 Bruce Lamont - Goodbye Electric Sunday
Friday the 22nd.
2017 Sonic Seducer Magazin