Sonic Seducer 2014-06 + 16 Songs auf CD und Interview The Sisters Of Mercy

Sonic Seducer 06/2014 mit neuem Interview mit The Sisters Of Mercy (Titelstory) + CD mit über 77 Minuten Spielzeit, Bands: Lacrimosa, Lord Of The Lost, Within Temptation, Deathstars, Subway To Sally u.v.m.
2014-06 sonic seducer the sisters of mercy

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Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 154 CD
01. Lacrimosa - Irgendein Arsch Ist Immer Unterwegs (Live)
02. Collapse Under The Empire - Stare At The Sky [Exklusiv]
03. The Eternal Afflict - Perish! (Sonic Seducer Mix) [Exklusiv]
04. Cosmic Armchair - Conversations (Club Mix)
05. A Spell Inside - Frei Sein (Single Edit)
06. Dunkelschön - Übers Meer
07. Sad Dolls - Lady Cry
08. Stoneman - Mord Ist Kunst
09. Reptyle - The Long Last
10. Harm Joy - Inside Out
11. MC1R - Sick Existence (Mortal Void Remix)
12. Minusheart - Say The Word (Bamboo Sax Mix By Accessory)
13. Monolith - Roadblock
14. Prozium - Lay My Vengeance
15. Voodoma - Sanctus Domine
16. Ensemble Economique Feat. Sophia Hamadi And Denmother - Your Lips Against Mine

Wednesday the 13th.
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