Sonic Seducer 2011-10 mit exklusivem Evanescence Song, -sticker und -poster, M'Era Luna-Beilage und CD

Sonic seducer 2011-10 mit Evanescence-Titelstory, exklusivem Song, Sticker und Poster, M#Era Luna- Beilage, CD - Beilage im Digisleeve, Bands: Subway To Sally, Straftanz, Fiddler's Green uvm.
sonic seducer evanescence

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Cold Hands Seduction CD Vol. 123
01. Evanescence The Last Song I m Wasting On You [excl. Non-Album-Track]
02. Subway To Sally Mir allein
03. Fiddler s Green Victor And His Demons
04. Dead Guitars Lovegoddess & The Loveghost
05. Imperative Reaction What Is Left To Say
06. Leæther Strip Listen To The Children Play (special extended version) [excl.]
07. Time To Change Everything Is Past
08. De/Vision Until The End Of Time (Clench Remix by Toothgnasher excl. for Sonic Seducer)
09. Straftanz Weltzeitvernichter
10. Noisuf-X Wir fühlen den Krach
11. Project Rotten Borrowed Time
12. Shiv-R Lingerie
13. Game-Trailer: Haunted


Tori Amos, Apparat, Autodafeh, Binary Park, The Cure, De/Vision, Dead Guitars, Diary Of Dreams, Les Discrets & Arctic Plateau, Erasure, Evanescence, Otto Dix, Fernthal, Fiddler s Green, Yasmin Gate, God Module, Illuminate, Imperative Reaction, Jesus On Extasy, Kasabian, Lahannya, Leæther Strip, Ljungblut, Machine Head, Monolith, Moonspell , Nachtblut, Noisuf-X, Nova-Spes, Omnia, Opeth, Poisonblack, Project Rotten, Ragnaröek, Roterfeld, Shiv-R, Skinny Puppy, Straftanz, Strange Attractor, Subway To Sally, Warren Suicide , Steven Wilson, Synapscape, Tanzwut, Tape The Radio, Time To Change, Van Canto, Zola Jesus
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