Sonic Seducer 2012-09 mit exkl. EP von Letzte Instanz + Gothic-Fetischkalender + 2 Sticker

Sonic Seducer 09/2012 inkl. Gothic-Fetischkalender im Großformat + 2 CDs, darunter eine exkl. EP von Letzte Instanz + 2 Sticker (Dead Can Dance & Letzte Instanz)
2012-09 sonic seducer letzte instanz

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ARTISTS: The 69 Eyes, Accolade, Aesthetische, Archive, Black Light Burns, Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub, The Breath Of Life, Chaosweaver, Daniel Colletti’s Electric Batcave, The Crüxshadows, De/Vision, Dead Can Dance, The Deadfly Ensemble, Dismantled, Ektomorf, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Enter And Fall, ErilaZ, Feuerschwanz, Human Decay, Katatonia, Korpiklaani, Liv Kristine, Lacrimosa, Laibach, L.E.A.F., Letzte Instanz, Lord Of The Lost, Metroland, Meystersinger, Modulate, Mono Inc., Nova-Spes, Officers, Amanda Palmer, Rabenschrey, Recoil, Schneewittchen, Slipknot, Spiral69, Tarja, Unto Ashes, Joachim Witt, The XX, Rob Zombie                           BASICS: 5 Records: Alex (Eisbrecher), Abo, Editorial, Hatebox: September Mourning, Impressum, News, Preview, Sonic Seducer-Shop, Verlosung                    
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Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 134

01. VNV Nation - Tomorrow Never Comes (Reaper Remix)
02. Lacrimosa - Irgendein Arsch Ist Immer Unterwegs
03. Dead Can Dance - Amnesia (Radio Edit)
04. De/Vision - Brotherhood Of Man (Hearhere's Clubbed To Death Remix Feat.
05. Metroland - Enjoying The View
06. Aesthetische - Less But More
07. Full Contact 69 - No First Use Policy
08. MRDTC - Liar (7" Edit)
09. Enter And Fall - Running Out (Club Mix)
10. Nova-Spes - Always Death
11. Omnia - I Don't Speak Human (Special Live-verion)
12. Accolade - The Traveler
13. L.E.A.F. - Wind And Tree
14. 16Pad Noise Terrorist - Planned Obsolescence Alkaline

Letzte Instanz "Tausendschön" EP
01. Tausendschön
02. Blind (Solo Version)
03. Von Anfang An (XGG Remix By R.U. Sirius)
04. Wir Sind Allein (M'era Luna Live 2009)
05. Das Stimmlein (M'era Luna Live 2009)

Friday the 6th.
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