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CD-Rezension / Review / Kritik

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  1. Christine Plays Viola „Vacua“
  2. Chrome Division „Infernal Rock Eternal“
  3. Chrysta Bell „This Train“
  4. Chrysta Bell „We Dissolve”
  5. Cigarettes After Sex "Cigarettes After Sex"
  6. Cindytalk „The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line Format“
  7. Cindytalk „touchedRAWKISSEDsour“
  8. Cinemascope „Stains Of Love”
  9. Circle Of Dust „Machines Of Our Disgrace”
  10. Circle Of Silence „The Crimson Throne“
  11. Circuito Cerrado "Arrhytmia"
  12. City Calm Down „Echoes In Blue“
  13. Clan Of Xymox „Days Of Black“
  14. Clan Of Xymox „Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul“
  15. Claudia Brücken „Where Else”
  16. Click Click „Those Nervous Surgeons“
  17. Client „Authority“
  18. Cloud Nothings „Life Without Sound”
  19. Cocksure „TVMALSV”
  20. COH "Music Vol."
  21. Coh „Plays Everall“
  22. COH „To Beat“
  23. Coil With Black Sun Productions „The Plastic Spider Thing“
  24. Cold Specks „Neuroplasticity“
  25. Coldkill „Distance By Design“
  26. Collapse Under The Empire „Sacrifice & Isolation“
  27. Collapse Under The Empire „The Fallen Ones“
  28. Collide „Color Of Nothing”
  29. Color Film „Living Arrangements”
  30. Coloured Heads "Both Sides Of Human Being"
  31. Coloured Heads „Hand And Feet“
  32. Colourmusic „May You Marry Rich“
  33. Combichrist "This Is Where Death Begins"
  34. Combichrist „We Love You“
  35. Container 47 „Cry-o-sphere“
  36. Controlled Collapse „Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder“
  37. Corde Oblique „Back Through The Liquid Mirror“
  38. Corde Oblique „Per Le Strade Ripetute“
  39. Coronatus „Recreatio Carminis“
  40. Corrections House „Last City Zero“
  41. Corroded „Defcon Zero“
  42. Corvus Corax „Der Fluch des Drachen“
  43. Counter-World Experience "Pulsar"
  44. Courteeners „Concrete Love“
  45. Cradle Of Filth „Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay“
  46. Creeper „Eternity, In Your Arms“
  47. Crematory "Monument"
  48. Crematory „Antiserum“
  49. Crematory „Live Insurrection“ (CD+DVD)
  50. Crematory „Oblivion“
Sunday the 26th.
2017 Sonic Seducer Magazin