„35 Years Of ,Construction Time Again‘ – A Tribute To Depeche Mode: Performed Live & Acoustic by Forced To Mode“

01. Two Minute Warning
02. More Than A Party
03. Pipeline
04. Everything Counts
05. The Landscape Is Changing (acoustic)
06. Work Hard
07. Fools (acoustic)
08. Told You So!
09. And Then… (acoustic)

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Sonic Stecktasche CH Vol209 CD BEILAGE

Cold Hands Seduction (Vol. 209)
01. Tanzwut „Schwarzes Gold“
02. Centhron „Heer der Woelfe“
03. A Spell Inside „Fehlermeldung“
04. The Black Water Panic Project „Church Ov Iron“
05. Behind Your Fear „From The North“
06. Munarheim „Dein ist der Tag“
07. Auger „When We Are Apart“
08. Radare „Eternal Love“
09. Eigenraum „Seelenhaus“
10. Othuum „Infernal Tentacle Wars“ (Edit)
11. Descendants Of Cain „Back At Me“ (exklusiv)
12. Cat O’ Nine „Weit, weit hinaus“
13. Red Dead Roadkill „Somewhere, Mr. Fate“
14. Frame Of Mind „Devil In Disguise“ (Single Edit)
15. SynthAttack „Enjoy The Pain“
16. Six Turns Nine „Souls“

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