Sonic Seducer 2011-06 + exklusive Depeche Mode-Sticker und DVD-Beilage

Sonic Seducer 2011-06 mit Depeche Mode-Titelstory, exklusivem Depeche Mode-Sticker, DVD-Beilage mit über zwei Stunden Spielzeit, Bands: Pain, Leaves' Eyes, Peter Murphy uvm.
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Cold Hands Seduction DVD Vol. 119
01. Blutengel - Über den Horizont
02. Interview Blutengel
03. Combichrist - Throat Full Of Glass (Censored Version)
04. Within Temptation - Faster (Broadcast Version)
05. Interview Leaves' Eyes
06. Leaves' Eyes - To France
07. Deine Lakaien - One Night
08. KMFDM - Krank
09. Dimmu Borgir - Dimmu Borgir
10. Cradle Of Filth - Lilith Immaculate
11. Interview Krypteria
12. Krypteria - Live To Fight Another Day
13. Pain - Dirty Woman
14. Interview Lord Of The Lost
15. Lord Of The Lost - Sex On Legs
16. Hocico - Bite Me
17. Hanin Elias - Do You Know
18. Leæther Strip - Japanese Bodies (live)
19. Krashkarma 9 Lives (1, 2, Die)
20. Krystal System - Nuclear Winter
21. Schwarzblut - Das Gewitter
22. Interview Aperion
23. Aperion - Ü
24. Tamtrum - The World You Live In (live)
25. Mr. Jones Machine - De Månbleka Tingen
26. Diffuzion - DBD (While You Can)
27. Kant Kino - We Are Kant Kino (Electro Remix)
28. Neikka RPM - Mind On The Trigger
29. Spielbares Game-Demo - Black Mirror 3
30. Gametrailer The Rockin Dead


Alestorm, Amorphis, Arkona, Austra, Clan Of Xymox, Dance Or Die, Decree, Depeche Mode, !distain, Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, Hanin Elias, Eyes Shut Tight, Flogging Molly, Gavin Friday, Andreas Gross, Homo Futura, Ikon, In Legend, Krypteria, Leaves' Eyes, Lolita Komplex, Felix Marc, Mayan, Mesh, Moby, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Peter Murphy, My Dying Bride, My Passion, Necro Facility, Katharina Nuttall, ohGr, Omega Lithium, Pail, Pain, Rezurex, Seether, Septicflesh, She Wants Revenge, Simon Says No!, Skold, Soko Friedhof, Solar Fake, The Spiritual Bat, Steinkind, Syncrotec, Terminal Sound System, Theatre Of Tragedy, Týr, Vendemmian
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Studio: Faun
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Thursday the 17th.
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