Sonic Seducer 2013-04 + CD mit exkl. Coverversionen von Depeche-Mode-Songs

Sonic Seducer 04-13 mit Depeche-Mode-Titelstory + CD mit exkl. Coverversionen von Depeche-Mode-Songs, Bands: HIM, Mono Inc., IAMX, Welle: Erdball.
depeche mode sonic seducer

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CD-Beilage "Depeche Mode - 20 Years Songs Of Faith And Devotion"

01. Mono Inc. · I Feel You
02. A Life Divided · Walking In My Shoes
03. Patenbrigade:Wolff · Condemnation
04. Unzucht · Mercy In You
05. Sound Sequence · In Your Room
06. Solitary Experiments · Rush
07. Leave's Eyes · One Caress
08. Skyte · Higher Love


Ascetic, Autodafeh, Blind Passenger, Bush, Cain, Crime And The City Solution, Code 64, Collapse Under The Empire, dAVOS, Depeche Mode, Device, Eden Synthetic Corps, Elandor, Finntroll, Eric Fish, Genetic Disorder, Ghost & Writer, Glis, Hardwire, HIM, How To Destroy Angels, Hypocrisy, IAMX, Krystal System, Leæther Strip, Lovelorn Dolls, Mechanical Moth, Meinhard, Melotron, Midas Fall, Mono Inc., Mystigma, Nachtgeschrei, OMD, Orange Sector, Place4Tears, Pyrroline, Roterfeld, Serenity, Seven Trees, Spektralized, Stahlmann, Stone Sour, Suede, Terminal State, Torul, Vanligt Folk, Visions Of Atlantis, Wardruna, Welle: Erdball
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Thursday the 17th.
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