Sonic Seducer 1998-02 mit großer Therion-Titelstrory.

Sonic Seducer 1998-02 mit großer Therion-Titelstrory. Im Mag: New Model Army, Project Pitchfork, Veljanov, Lisa Gerrad, Phillip Boa, Rage & Lingua Mortis, Das Ich, Type O Negative, Theater Of Tragedy, Atrocity u.v.m.
Sonic Seducer 1998-02 mit großer Therion-Titelstrory

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Therion, New Model Army, Project Ptichfork, Das Ich, Veljanov, Phillip Boa, Rage & Lingua Morits, Theatre Of Tragedy, Atrocity, Christian Death, Two, Lisa Gerrad & Pieter Bourke, De/ Vision, Therapy?, Sisters Of Mercy, Sanguis et Cinis, Gary Numan, Pro Pain, Coal Chamber, Soulfly Ex-Spultura, Gitane Demone, Covenant, Suicide Commando, Panasonic, Madre, This Crystal Method, Fading Colours, Sacriversum, Heavenwood, Dreaful Shadows, No Comment, Second Decay, The Breath Of Life, Corpus, Kirchohmfeld, Liv Kristine, Seigmen, Inkubus Sukkubus, Image Transmission, Fundamental, Aurora Sutura, L’ame Immortalle, Flowing Tears…, Individual Totem, Dismal Euphony, Cleen, Nice Gods Bleed, Borknagar
Friday the 22nd.
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